Thursday, April 25, 2013

I just don't get it.

Recently, I have been fielding question about my art from from residents of the independent living center where I reside. One of the most common questions relate to where I get my ideas and occasionally someone will mention that that my work “look like” some known artist. Those questions are usually veiled attempts to suggest that my work may not be original. A particularly difficult question or response is always some form of “ I just don't get it” or I like pictures of things I recognize.” These ego related questions are the most annoying. The questions and opinions are not new, I have been asked the same questions and heard the same opinions from students, family members and friends for over sixty years.

Originality is a ghost and one could question philosophically whether originality really exists. What really matters is our personal approach to art and the way in which we express our experiences and influences on a canvas; that is the high point of art and art criticism; anything else is a moot point and ego driven drivel.

"Things hidden in my head" Copyright 2013 © Ronald D. Isom, Sr.

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