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Transcendent man...

Outside consciousness
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Consciousness [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]: "What makes a mental state be a conscious mental state?"

Why Can’t Jurors Distinguish “Knowing” From “Reckless” Misconduct? | Sherry F. Colb | Verdict | Legal Analysis and Commentary from Justia:

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Susan Blackmore
Oxford University Press, USA, Feb 7, 2011 - 624 pages
Now in a new edition, this innovative text is the first volume to bring together all the major theories of consciousness studies--from those rooted in traditional Western philosophy to those coming out of neuroscience, quantum theory, and Eastern philosophy. Broadly interdisciplinary, Consciousness: An Introduction, Second Edition, is divided into nine sections that examine such topics as how subjective experiences arise from objective brain processes, the basic neuroscience and neuropathology of consciousness, altered states of consciousness, mystical experiences and dreams, and the effects of drugs and meditation. It also discusses the nature of self, the possibility of artificial consciousness in robots, and the question of whether or not animals are conscious.

Everything depends therefore on encountering thought at its source. Such thought is the reality of man's being, which achieved consciousness and understanding of itself through it. Karl Jaspers

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