Friday, January 20, 2012

Pataphysical symbolism...

elements of chance or arbitrary choices

Pataphysics was used as a 
conceptual principle within various fine art forms, especially pop art and popular culture. Works within the 'pataphysical tradition tend to focus on the processes of their creation, and elements of chance or arbitrary choices are frequently key in those processes

The process is a very important part of my artwork. For the last few years, I have abandoned "easel painting" in favor of sketching with Sharpie pens on Bristol paper or cheap copy paper. The process mimics the restraints of no studio space and the process of aging.  My work now is spontaneous; produced while sitting in my "lazy-boy" and  drawing with the television on or listening to music. It has become a process that I repeat daily for two or three hours. The resulting drawings are unconscious ramblings of "elements of chance or arbitrary choices". The process in seamless and continuous, producing three or four drawings a day. Most drawings are scanned and posted on this blog and on  METROGADFLY SYMBOLOGY. Some of the drawings are scanned and manipulated with Corel Paint and added to my Noetic Symbolism project which I share on Facebook.

Copyright 2012 © Ronald D. Isom, Sr.

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