Thursday, January 5, 2012

Infused knowledge...

The gift of natural (secular) and supernatural (spiritual) knowledge miraculously conferred by God. Thought by some to have been possessed by Adam and Eve, who came into existence in an adult state and were to be the first teachers of the human race.

Copyright 2012 © Ronald D. Isom, Sr. Symbolic art is a universal cultural phenomenon.The symbolic significance that people attribute to external objects may reflect more on him than on the objective reality.

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  1. Accidentally saw your work in Google images and was redirected to this website. Beautiful, deep, and sophisticated drawings, reflect personality and much more. Congrats!

    I read also your post on those "inventors" with IQ 70 score and agree with you on everything. Links are also very informative, had some healthy laughing:) where about their zentangle patent pending - they trying for many years copyright four dots... paying $800 per try?!!! ha-ha amazing


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