Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hidden from view...

Copyright 2011 © Ronald D. Isom, Sr.

“The past is like a great stone that lies on the bed of a river, hidden from view but shaping the currents of the water as it flows by. You cannot read the currents in the river of your own life, and navigate them safely, if you do not understand what causes them. You must know your past, for it will shape your future.” ― Derdriu in Viking Warrior by Judson Roberts

One of the major reasons I do art is the desire to uncover some hidden truths.  I have always had the feeling that "something" is located just below the surface of the conscious mind. These feelings pop into my head at random moments throughout the day. Now that I am retired, the thoughts have increased and my spontaneous  drawing has increased exponentially. Nothing is clear and the vagueness is further motivation to search for meaning in the asemic ramblings that fill my notebooks and sketch pads. Each day is an adventure. The spontaneous titles and internet research never ceases to amaze me. The "search" is exciting and may in its self be the answer to the question I seek. Ronald D. Isom Sr.

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