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My art work is personal iconography. The imagery has been developing for over fifty years. The vocabulary of icons enables me to generate hundreds of images without conscious effort. The ideas flow on the paper much like automatic writing. I generate the images in sets of 10 to 20 and have produced several series of 100 or more. Many of my original works are photographed or scanned and the images are manipulated with image software. An essential aspect of my work is the connection of my work to the world. The internet has allowed me the opportunity to find very esoteric connections.

The most distinctive element of my art work and teaching has always been manipulation of materials. During my youth, at the height of the Depression, any castaway item became a toy or art material. The underlying concept of my teaching years was creative problem solving utilizing manipulation of material at hand. I seldom had to worry about budgets for materials. Whatever was available was fodder for my students imagination

Today, I have access to many “modern” materials. The computer has become an essential part of my “post teaching” art. It is difficult to maintain my simplistic philosophy. However, the manipulation concept is still prevalent. Photographing and scanning of my original drawings, searching the web for connections and the manipulation of the images using simple editing software provides many hours of creative problem solving.

On occasion I do get nostalgic for the days when a tin can or scrap of paper was all I needed to satisfy my creative energy.

Vita brevis, ars longa

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